Monday, April 6, 2009

Learning at Jet Speed?

Let's talk about recycling our environments for the future. What an exciting space to be learning in? What a great space to let the minds of our future fly off into the clouds of their imaginations?! The Kingsland Primary School just got the ticket to ride!
This 82ft-long commercial airliner is now the UK's and clearly the worlds first plane classroom for school pupils. Originally a commuter plane, this Short 360 was decommissioned after thousands of hours of flying businessmen to Ireland and Spain. Instead of finding its days rotting in a graveyard, it has taken its final landing to be recycled as a classroom. The head teacher said " We wanted an outside classroom and talked to the children about the kind of space they wanted and they came up with the idea of a plane themselves so we thought we would see how we could go about buying one."

There is a new rise in redesigning the portable classroom. I guess it was above our heads all along. It was purchased for less than £20,000 – half the price of a boring portable box classroom which we all dislike. The cockpit will be filled with whiteboards, desks and laptops as to make it a user-friendly learning space for a class of 30 pupils for a geography class. How perfect? Flying right into the future. Souce1: Daily Mail. Source2: Treehugger.